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  • Two from Green Converse Converse 1865.

    Two from Green Converse Converse 1865.

    I'm stating the obvious by saying that Frank Converse chose the most delicious melodies when he put… Tim Twiss Oct 1, 2009 48 views

  • Juba


    This version is from Converse 1865. If I were starting over, this would certainly be one of the fir… Tim Twiss Sep 30, 2009 146 views

  • The Silver Heel

    The Silver Heel

    Here's one from the Converse 1872 book I mentioned in a forum post "The Banjo and How To Play It".… Tim Twiss Sep 30, 2009 43 views

  • My Long Tail Blue

    My Long Tail Blue

    This song is one of the earliest Minstrel songs, introduced around 1833, and published as sheet mus… Tim Twiss Sep 29, 2009 71 views

  • Wood Up Quick Step

    Wood Up Quick Step

    From the Buckley 1868. Carl always plays this one really well...inspired me to try it. Quick leaps.… Tim Twiss Sep 25, 2009 93 views

  • The Boxer's Reel

    The Boxer's Reel

    From the Converse Analyitcal Method of 1886. Unknown composer, but the arrangement is credited to F… Tim Twiss Sep 24, 2009 43 views

  • Kitty O'Neil's Champion-Jig

    Kitty O'Neil's Champion-Jig

    This interesting piece, being unusual with 7 lines of themes, comes from Ryan's Mammoth Collection.… Tim Twiss Sep 17, 2009 55 views

  • Billy Morris's Jig

    Billy Morris's Jig

    Page 14 of the Buckley Banjo Guide of 1868. This is one of those unfingered Buckley songs. I played… Tim Twiss Sep 12, 2009 30 views

  • Savory's Jig

    Savory's Jig

    This song from Buckley's 1868 (page 13) had almost no fingerings in the score, but seemed to adapt… Tim Twiss Sep 11, 2009 36 views

  • Andrew Leavitt's Jig

    Andrew Leavitt's Jig

    Here is yet another one from Buckley's 1868. Many of these tunes have a similar playful simpicity t… Tim Twiss Sep 11, 2009 39 views

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