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  • Tom Chatfield's Jigs

    Tom Chatfield's Jigs

    These two songs, titled "No. 1 and No. 2" come from the Dobson Book of 1877. They are marked as Hig… Tim Twiss Sep 26, 2009 26 views

  • Wood Up Quick Step

    Wood Up Quick Step

    From the Buckley 1868. Carl always plays this one really well...inspired me to try it. Quick leaps.… Tim Twiss Sep 25, 2009 92 views

  • Bolton Clog Hornpipe

    Bolton Clog Hornpipe

    This one comes from page 14 of Buckley's Banjo Guide 1868. The dotted rhythms are supplied only in… Tim Twiss Sep 12, 2009 38 views

  • Savory's Jig

    Savory's Jig

    This song from Buckley's 1868 (page 13) had almost no fingerings in the score, but seemed to adapt… Tim Twiss Sep 11, 2009 36 views

  • The Newton Jig

    The Newton Jig 01:19

    This song is found in the Dan Emmett Manuscript, as well as Buckley's New Banjo Method of 1860. Not… Tim Twiss Sep 9, 2009 58 views

  • Kick Up de Debble on a Holiday

    Kick Up de Debble on a Holiday 0:34

    After Tim's most recent video, this takes us from the sublime to the ridiculous. In honor of Labor… Brian Welch Sep 7, 2009 110 views

  • Brigham's Quickstep

    Brigham's Quickstep

    In commemoration of the great Frank Converse on the 106th anniversary of his death. May I add that… Tim Twiss Sep 5, 2009 66 views

  • Bandurand Polka

    Bandurand Polka

    Nope, not a band from the 80's. It's from Buckley 1868. (also Dobson 1877) There are several in thi… Tim Twiss Aug 27, 2009 54 views

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