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  • Buckley's March

    Buckley's March

    From the 1860 Book, played both in fingerstyle and stroke style. Tim Twiss Jul 2, 2009 134 views

  • Leavitt's Duff Polka

    Leavitt's Duff Polka

    Here's one that kind of hid from me in the Buckley 1860 Book. It''s stuck by an unpopular vocal son… Tim Twiss Jul 1, 2009 95 views

  • Two From Briggs'

    Two From Briggs'

    "Darkey Money Musk" and "Kick Up De Debble On A Holiday". Two Stroke Style classics from Tom Briggs… Tim Twiss Jun 20, 2009 100 views

  • Grape-Vine Twist

    Grape-Vine Twist 01:15

    This is not the version usually thought of in Minstrel Banjo. It comes from Ryan's Mammoth fiddle b… Tim Twiss Jun 19, 2009 58 views

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