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  • Ole Tare River

    Ole Tare River

    One of Joel Walker Sweeny's songs first published in 1840, played on a four-string gourd and an Afr… Mark Weems Aug 25 42 views

  • Jim Crack Corn

    Jim Crack Corn

    Pry Barn Serenaders (John Masciale, Mark Weems, Tim Twiss, Carl Anderton, John Allin) perform "Jim… Tim Twiss Aug 25 33 views

  • Medley Jig

    Medley Jig

    # 48 in the Baur Book. Tim Twiss Aug 17 26 views

  • Congo Jig

    Congo Jig

    This is from a Southside Virginia plantation copybook from the late 18th century. 4 string gourd ba… Mark Weems Aug 16 106 views

  • Artistic Jig

    Artistic Jig

    4 yet to go. Tim Twiss Aug 14 30 views

  • Calinda


    This was a song I found in the 1867 anthology entitled "Slave Songs of the United States". The word… Mark Weems Aug 14 118 views

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