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  • Carolina Reel

    Carolina Reel 01:50

    Well, here's my "first draft". Rough and ready... Those rolls in the 2nd part are indeed difficult… Trapdoor2 Aug 20, 2009 87 views

  • Buckley in Rice

    Buckley in Rice

    Here are two songs in the Phil Rice Book of 1858 credited to Buckley, whose own publication would a… Tim Twiss Aug 20, 2009 46 views

  • Two More From Briggs'

    Two More From Briggs'

    Here are a few tunes played straight from the Briggs' Banjo Instructor of 1855 which are instrument… Tim Twiss Aug 13, 2009 50 views

  • De Ole Jaw Bone

    De Ole Jaw Bone

    Another one that shows the full framing of this cool little stage. You are right Rob, a few bodies… Tim Twiss Aug 12, 2009 75 views

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