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I've created another self-published book of 89 tunes (no songs in this one) with titles reflecting persons, topics, or events in American history, 1820-1861.  The tunes are not meant specifically for the banjo and I accept that merging music with history is an inclination not necessarily shared by others.  Regardless, if anyone wants a free PDF copy, send me your email address.

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I would like a copy!  mccypr@gmail.com. Thanks much!

I just finished perusing your book. Awesome! An awful lot of work went into this book. Thanks!

I'd be interested if you find anything you particularly like.

I’ve only reviewed it quickly. What I like is the correlation between the tunes and historical events. People writing tunes about these. The paintings and photographs are great. I wonder if the Documentary Maker Ken Burns would consider making a series about this tied together with Minstrel banjo?

I suspect that one tune in particular (perhaps others) already existed and the publisher took it, slapped a title of a current event on it (Santa Anna's Retreat from Cerro Gordo) and figured he'd make a quick buck.  If you recognize the tune, please let me know what it is.  I've tried to find it and have thus far failed.

Al, send me a copy at masciale1@comcast.net.  Thanks!

I would enjoy a copy, Al. madsmith73@gmail.com



Hi, I would very much like a copy.  dj.vinci@frontier,com




On my way to a base ball meeting, Dave.  Will get it to you later tonight or in the morning.

Sent a PM


Is it too late to get a copy? busheyjosh@yahoo.com


Hopefully it’s not too late to get a copy...


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