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Question For Those Who Attend the Antietam Early Banjo Gathering

Does you wear period clothing?  I'm attending for the first time this year along with my girlfriend who has an interest in learning to play the bones.  I have a set of Union blues for reenacting, but I don't have civilian clothes (and I've been looking for an excuse to get some!).  My girlfriend has no period clothing whatsoever.  

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John--Period clothing is optional, but most people dress out.  I wear civvies on Friday, but dress up on Saturday.  Many dress up the whole time.  It's completely fine to not dress out, but if you plan to play in the concert on Saturday, you do need to wear some semblance of period clothing.

The 'some semblance' part seems to be much easier to accomplish for men than for women. 

I'll bet.  This is a great excuse for me to get some more period clothing, but I doubt I can convince my girlfriend to dress the part..

I'd say the split is about 60/40 favoring period dress, but it's no big deal either way; people don't divide into camps or anything.  I don't think it's required for the concerts either; it's a nice touch but in the three years I've attended there have been plenty of "plainclothes" performers.

I find the dichotomy to be one of the more interesting aspects of this evolving event, which attracts people from such a broad range of interests.  It is always fascinating to learn how people find their way to that wonderful old barn.

Seems a little more desirable for the concert, and not at all required otherwise.

If you have one set of period clothes, just reserve them for the concert and don't worry about it otherwise....just be comfortable.  And that is not to say they are a requirement of the concert.....but a nice touch as Andy says.

Last time I was there, I wore a pair of jeans, period shirt, leather vest, mid-19thC mechanics hat and sandals...that's when it was in Sept. In June, I guarantee I'll look like I just stepped off the beach in Fla. I like seeing the period clothes but I'm not a visual re-enaactor. I'm lucky to be able to make 19th C sounds on my banjo...that's about it.

When a dress code is instituted, I'll stay home.

Shoes are definitely not required, right Al?

I wore shoes last year....sort of...

I'd say bare feet ARE period!

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