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I am considering recording a video of my banjo playing and posting it to the forum. I have never done this before, so I need to familiarize myself with the tools before I can start. Other than the terror of doing such a thing, I am facing a lack of knowledge about how the upload gets done.

I don't need an education in the basics of digital technology since I deal with that every day...... but that doesn't help me figure out where things go or how to get them there.

A high level description of what to do would be helpful.

I presume that one uploads the video to Youtube and then somehow links this forum to the vid. Is that even close to correct? Or are the tools available on Minstrel Banjo to do the upload?

Thanks in advance


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Here you go Brian.

Brian Kimerer said:

Most digital cameras will shoot video as well. Even my little Canon PowerShot will shoot video for a few minutes.

I am planning on trying out my Fuji for this if I ever get a round 'tuit.

OK. I guess I am out of excuses now LOL.

I was watching some videos here on Minstrel Banjo and another question popped into my head. Is there a preferred/required resolution for posting on the forum? Is that set by Youtube for embedded vids? The images my tools are giving me are coming out 640 x 480, which is a bit larger than what is on the forum.

Thanks again.

Youtube downsizes the videos it processes, so you'd be fine if you first add it to YT.


Thanks. I still have not recorded anything, but I am figuring out the tools. Soon maybe. Work is getting in the way of life.

Most of my videos in the last few years have been recorded on an iPhone 4S or (in the last year or so) an iPhone 6.  The 6 in particular has a very, very good camera, and the mic is usually adequate.  For a long time I was using iMovie on OS X to edit & title clips, but this year I got the hang of the iOS version of iMovie, which is quite convenient; I can shoot, edit, and post to YouTube directly from the device.

I'm not at all familiar with Android, but I'm sure there's something in that ecosystem that can do basic editing/posting to YouTube.

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