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B. B. King has Lucille. My banjo is Bertha. What's your banjo's name?

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She still hasn't told me yet ;)  I'll keep ya posted whenever it happens!

I'm still saving my nickels for my Bell banjo....  She has not been created yet...

But, my old Harley was Lucy... name after the great Lucille Ball... and my Chevy 71 is Helga, because she is a rough and tough old gal....   If that counts? 

I own two.  One is known as "my old friend."  The one Terry made doesn't have a name, but I do tend to refer to it as Sweeney.  Gee.  Wonder why?

When I get my new Bell & Son 'Stichter' banjo, I think it will be a boy banjo!

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