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I nominate Mr. Chris Prieto to choose this week’s TOTW

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I'm still deciding on a tune, will post this evening :)

Okay so after much thinking I'm going with Sally Come Up from Buckley 1868. I've never played it and it doesn't seem to be all over YouTube so I figure we can fix that. I will try and post sooner than I usually do.

Cool. I’ve never played it either so it’ll be a new one...

You found a tune Paul doesn't know???!!! How deep in the archive did you have to find that?? LOL

I watched Tim's video from about 10 years ago. I noticed it's all hammer strokes, very little thumb. Although as I was feeling it out, it almost sets up to alternate finger-thumb...now it's got me thinking...

Ignore that link. I had a page with sally come up, but that’s not the link...

(You’re right, not easy to find...)

I've written to the Levy site two or three times, pleading with them to fix their search engine so that their great collection can meet it's potential!

There is some good background on Sally Come Up at http://parlorsongs.com/issues/2008-12/thismonth/feature.php (you'll have to scroll.)

Wow!! Great info!!...working through Carlin's book, just when I thought I had a thorough  understanding of the touring scene of the time, I get something new. Fantastic!!

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