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Just imagine yourself on stage, gas lights illuminate the stage.  You have spared no expense, every stitch you are wearing has been completely researched.  Every spot on your banjo is an exact duplicate on the original it was patterned after.  Your troop is just about to thump out "Briggs' Corn Schucking Jig" as you reach into your waistcoat pocket to get out your... modified  Hawaiian guitar/ bluegrass pick.  Or even worse, it is plastic.

Or perhaps you feel like you could be the next Horace Weston.

Or wire strings have done enough damage to your nail.

Well, never fear!  Soon you will be able to hold your head (and index finger) high as you'll be wearing one of these...

That's right, as soon as I work out all of the logistics (and learn a little bit on how to keep books) you can have your very own proper thimble.

I've already made up a mess of them, I just need to figure out how to sell them to the few who might want them.

Anyways, that's were I'm at.  I plan on having some at the EBG.

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I am a bluegrass pick thimble player. I look forward to trying out one of your fine, new creations. Congrats.
They look great. I'd certainly be interested to try.

What is your pricing?
(If you prefer not to do business publicly, please PM me.)

I assume international orders will be possible? And different sizes?
Woo hoo! Way to go Joel!!

They look excellent, I'm soooo looking forward to AEBG III...!!
Yep, those look great! Another interested buyer here ...
How to sell them? Simply send a descriptive letter to Nos. 221 and 223 Church St., Phila., Penn. and the proprietor will be happy to sell you a line or two in his famous Journal. It is the only publication the true banjoist need read.

Otherwise, you can set up a business account with paypal (easy) and post classified ads in all the usual locations.
OK, it's lunch time and I am on my phone, so sorry about spelling etc.

Rob, with the money I had to blow on the tooling, I'm not gonna buy a new punch any time soon. Also, there is no indication of sizing in 19th century descriptions. But, you can bend them however you like. I bent one to fit my girlfriend.

Weird, it won't scroll as I type.

I sent to Stewart and got a return to sender. Perhaps I'll try the modern version, though I let my subscription expire.

The actual selling and paypal is not the problem, its the tax I.D. and getting them to people in one piece. As to international, no prob, I just have to learn the paperwork game.
Goodbye, shame...adios, dishonor...catch you later, humiliation...no more will I reach into the pocket of my $300 Ian McWherter Paletot (entirely handsewn) and pull out my little brass "ProPik." Thanks to Joel Hooks, I'll now have a period thimble worthy of the considerable sum I deducted from the kid's college fund to buy my period duds with.
Joel, you may have to change your moniker: "Efrem Thimbalist Jr., the Texas Hercules"
I love it! I was thinking "The Thimble King" but I like yours. I need to swing my indian clubs more.

Sorry, this was one of those weeks at my day job.

OK gents (ladies, these things can be bent and overlapped but they could be a bit heavy, they are roughly the same size as a standard bluegrass pick, but they are larger in that they cover the entire fingernail) Here are my prices.

Before I give them let me explain. I have a machine that stamps them out but they are still flat. From that point I shape them by hand. As can be seen in the pics,I spoon the end per the originals on a rounded "finger shaped" anvil that my father devised. This "work hardens" the end and also allows it to roll harmlessly over the strings. Stewart gave the instructions to whack this with a tack hammer and flatten it, I presume to sell more strings. If wanted I can furnish flat bladed, but that will not be standard.

As they are hand finished there maybe a scratch here and there. There also may be a bit of flashing left on the inside. I left all the flashing on the ones I have been using and have had no issues but... You may want to polish the tip a little more for gut strings.

It goes without saying that you will need to bend the band to fit your finger.

One for $13

Two for $20 -you would not want to be at a gig without a spare would ya?

One dozen for $100 -Club pack.

$2 flat shipping to US. As of now I've got no clue about international shipping, but give me a little time to work it out.

Mail payment to

Joel Hooks
P.O. Box 118250
Carrollton, TX 75011

PM me if you have questions and I'll send you my phone number.

I should have a page added to my website in a couple of days with paypal buttons.


I am really proud of the way they have turned out and hope you folks like them.
Paypal and full description on my site.


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