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A question for those who use Nylgut strings. How often should they be changed?

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I was under the impression that they never really did need a changing. But I am not sure about that so I too would like to know.

One of my gourd banjos that i take camping and hiking and stuff has a set and they all look in good shape except for the wound string which is tarnished a bit and is a nice rosy shade of copper where my finger strikes it. It's a beater tho, been hit with everything from pig grease and beer to rain and snow and held over the fire quite a few times

Almost never.

I have a set of nylgut strings on my banjo for 2 years and they still seem to be going strong.

Hey, Thanks everyone! This helps. I've had mine for about 2 1/2 years. I have spares, just keep them in case one gets broken...

 This is apart from my question. I have been watching the eagle cam: http://www.eagles.org/dceaglecam/ at the National Arboretum. I just have to share this. I have been watching the eaglets/almost eagles now since shortly after they hatched. The one is rearing to go....testing it's wings and jumping around the nest...they are about as big as their parents...

I watched the cam the last two days hoping to watch the lil dood take flight but not flight, maybe I will tune in again :)

Yeah, it looks like she's/he's saying "I'm ready! What's the hold up, Dad! Mom!" Been hanging close to that edge. I bet he/she takes off when I'm not tuned it:-) One is a bit smaller than the other and doesn't appear to be in any big hurry to take off:-) 

I changed a set of 7 year old nylgut strings once, thinking it would surely make a sound improvement to have fresh ones on . It made no discernible difference at all.  I now will change one string IF I see it has nicks/wear in it near the nut or bridge...but only if I'm going to a music fest or a gig.  But no, I dont think they go 'dead' like metal strings seem to.

Ok, good to know. I will keep watch for weak areas. 

Well, it is more  for the mind than the sound that one might change them. Occasionally, I'll change a set....and it boosts me in some weird way. They are cheap enough to do that. 

I have a set of Nylgut strings on my Fairbanks & Cole A-scale that I put on it in 2002. They are showing no signs of wear or any other problems. I play the banjo often.

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