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I am considering recording a video of my banjo playing and posting it to the forum. I have never done this before, so I need to familiarize myself with the tools before I can start. Other than the terror of doing such a thing, I am facing a lack of knowledge about how the upload gets done.

I don't need an education in the basics of digital technology since I deal with that every day...... but that doesn't help me figure out where things go or how to get them there.

A high level description of what to do would be helpful.

I presume that one uploads the video to Youtube and then somehow links this forum to the vid. Is that even close to correct? Or are the tools available on Minstrel Banjo to do the upload?

Thanks in advance


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Put it on youtube, then embed here.

Thanks, Tim

The "embed" code can be copy and pasted fron "share" over  on youtube. Then paste it here. The site her is not set up to up load to upload your own  - it must be embedded. There may be other ways, but this is the simplest.

Once your video is complete and on Youtube and has completely finished 'processing', and you've selected your preferred thumbnail and all....click on the "share" button under your video there on YT and then look for the "Embed" button- that will give you the embed code to paste into MinstrelNing.  Copy the code.

Then come here and look at the video column on the left side of the Main Page.  At bottom of the column of vids there's an "Add+ Video" button.  That brings you to the window to paste your YT embed code in, and a following window where you can edit your vid title and description.

Thanks, all. That is the information I was looking for.

I have not yet recorded anything yet much less figured out the video editing tools, so it will be a while before I can try this out. But I gotta start somewhere.

sicne we are on the topic of videos, what you folks use to video tape yourselves with. Me and the wife have been thinking about getting a gopro but they are rather pricey. Aside from my sad laptop cam I have no other video cameras so curious what you guys use

I use an iPad - the sound is adequate, editing is easy, and I can upload directly to YouTube.

Paul, your video always sound and look great.

I use a 3 year old Zoom Q3 video recorder.  You can turn off the visual and use it just for recording the audio if you like too.  But it won't store as much on it as an iPad for example, so after a half dozen 4 minute takes or so you have to transfer them to your computer (easy to do) and then you can record some more stuff.  I guess you can buy more storage card or something- haven't needed to.

hmmmm okay. well I woulda never thought that paul's vids were coming right out of an ipad. I don't really support apple with my money since I prefer my software/os' to be free (like beer) but maybe a nice android tablet I can hack to bits is a better investment than a gopro which would be sadly underused sitting watching me play banjo.

IMHO Any decent new tablet will do a decent job and have tons more diverse usability than a mere video recorder- if one is not a pro musician and just does it for fun.

Most digital cameras will shoot video as well. Even my little Canon PowerShot will shoot video for a few minutes.

I am planning on trying out my Fuji for this if I ever get a round 'tuit.

I have used both and iPad and a Logitec computer camera to make my videos and have good results.  Something I think most folks don't consider is the lighting used to illuminate the area where they are filming, especially if filiming indoors.

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