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Ok, this is SICK    ...but it totally cracks me up!   ;D

Start this first Lawrence Welk video going, and just as Eddy Peabody starts to play his banjo, STOP the video and MUTE the sound:

Then, start this second (Buehling) video with the sound ON, and scroll your screen down so you only can see the Eddy Peabody video.  Start the silent video going again and watch Eddy Peabody and his 'circus friends' playing and clapping along to a rousing Circus Jig medley!  Priceless.   And the audience goes wild...  lololol.....

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The difference between "show" and "music".  I prefer the latter, and frankly, I don't much like when they mix.

How did you ever come up with this, Strum?

Al Smitley said:

How did you ever come up with this, Strum?

Al, I was trying to better understand how to recognize polkas, so (naturally) I was watching YT vids of people dancing polkas on the old Lawrence Welk show (um, ok).  I then stumbled on the Welk banjo clips, and thus spotted this particular one with everyone in circus attire...which of course made me think it would be great if Eddy was playing Circus Jig....and how could I make that experiment.  Clarke's version was great because it had the high energy that matched Peabody's wild performance...and the rest is history.

I should clarify that no disrespect is meant to either player- it just looked so funny to see Eddy's manic muggings and insane pace, and the strange circus Welksters all clapping and winking at each other over Clarke's yummy minstrel strains.  Just was too tempting to not share my little fun.

I think there's even a spot where Clark says something at the same time Eddy opens his mouth to say something.

As I said (and want to clarify)... I much prefer Clark's performances (not that we are comparing) and though he put's on a good show, he's not what I meant by "show". 

There are spots where this works really well.

I have to admit that I finally just turned off the Eddy video and rewound the Clarke performance to watch the whole thing. Terrific stuff.

It's funny how depending on what second you start the two videos, you always get some different weird moments of perfectly timed bizarre-ity.

I think the most telling comparison is the extreme opposite behavior and demeanor of both players at the very end.  Oh my.  Don't even get me started on that tongue flick.

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