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Since I have been listed as doing one of the break-out sessions on Saturday at the upcoming banjo gathering, I thought it an appropriate time to announce the publication of a book I've been working on for the last year. Joel Walker Sweeny is really the father of the modern banjo, i.e. the popularizer of its current five-string form. Strangely, to date, no one has re-published his original sheet music from 1840 or issued his repertoire in modern banjo tablature. This book, The Music of Old Joe Sweeny: Virginia Melodist & Father of the Five-String Banjo, seeks to remedy that omission. It includes an Introduction, Forwards, and Beginner, Advanced, and Alternate banjo tablatures , and comes with a companion CD of me playing the songs. I will have copies available for purchase at the Gathering.

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Acckkk!    Hold one for me!!!!   =8-o

For those of who cannot attend the gathering, where can we order copies?

Hold a copy for me as well!  I'm really excited for this!

Congrats Mark. I can't wait to see it. How many tunes?

It features 21 versions of twelve songs and tunes. This is just a little first print I worked up for the Gathering without bar codes etc. but I do plan on having it available commercially sometime soon. But for right now Leonidas, an old fashioned check in the mail is fine. You can contact me directly for more info.

This is fantastic Mark! I'm looking forward to it!

Hold a copy for me!

Sounds like you had better bring plenty to Antietam.

One for me, as well.

Just a question, we have Old Joe Sweeny, Old Dan Emmett, Old Clem Titus, not to mention Old Dan Tucker, Old Joe Clark, Old Aunt Sally, Old Zip Coon, the Old Grey Goose, Old Dog Tray and the Old Grey Cat. Is this a preferred term of respect and endearment among banjoists and will I play better if I adopt it?

I hereby dub thee The Old Fiddlin' Merchant. Any better yet?

I shall bear the title with pride, I think I feel a tingle in my bow arm, may just be the rhumatis though.

Put me in for a copy as well! 

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