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  • Old Uncle Ned

    Old Uncle Ned

    Written by Stephen Foster, Published 1848. Lyrics and Melody Adapted by Tom Berghan. Minstrel Banjo… Tom Berghan Jun 20 40 views

  • Andantino


    Andantino in G Major, composed by Ferdinando Carulli and published in 1825. Performed on guitar, ba… Tom Berghan May 16 83 views

  • Jim Along Josey

    Jim Along Josey

    First Published in 1840. Vocal, Early Banjo, Castanets, and Donkey Jawbone Tom Berghan Sep 28, 2016 58 views

  • Home! Sweet Home!

    Home! Sweet Home!

    Published 1823, from the opera Clari, or the Maid of Milan. Lyrics written by John Howard Payne, an… Tom Berghan Sep 28, 2016 57 views

  • Dance Boatman Dance

    Dance Boatman Dance

    An early favorite of the Minstrel Troupes of the Antebellum Period. Attributed to Dan Emmett and Vi… Tom Berghan Jul 24, 2016 60 views

  • Angelina Baker

    Angelina Baker

    Angelina Baker as written by Stephen Foster. A minstrel show tune performed by Christy’s Minstrels. Tom Berghan Mar 6, 2016 102 views

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