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  • Beethoven Banjo

    Beethoven Banjo

    A nice little piece by Beethoven played on my turn of the century spun-over using early banjo style… Mark Weems Mar 5, 2014 106 views

  • The Chicken Reel Goes To Mali

    The Chicken Reel Goes To Mali

    The old-time tune called Chicken Reel on my four string gourd played under the influence of listeni… Mark Weems Feb 23, 2014 130 views

  • De Old Jaw Bone

    De Old Jaw Bone

    From Elias Howe's Banjo Preceptor (1848) Published by Henry Prentiss, Boston, 1840. Attributed to S… Mark Weems Feb 18, 2014 114 views

  • Life By The Galley Fire

    Life By The Galley Fire

    The banjo part is from Elias Howe's Banjo Preceptor (1848). The lyrics are as sung by the Ethiopian… Mark Weems Feb 15, 2014 146 views

  • Dixie Land

    Dixie Land

    From Dan Emmett's first published version of Dixie's Land, 1860. Also known as "I Wish I Was in Dix… Mark Weems Dec 17, 2013 344 views

  • Miss Lucy Long

    Miss Lucy Long

    Dan Gardner may have sung this song as early as 1836, although his brother-in-law, Billy Whitlock (… Mark Weems Dec 1, 2013 146 views

  • Old Joe

    Old Joe

    The Old Jonny Booker Band (Pentecost, Weems, Wesley, & Henderson) play on the porch of Pentecos… Mark Weems Nov 24, 2013 188 views

  • Jonny Boker

    Jonny Boker

    Sweeny's first published song. 1840 Mark Weems Nov 17, 2013 180 views


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