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Well, I am going to try a set of the beef gut strings. Anybody else tried them?

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We can't because it has been such a cudthartic experience!
Okay okay...let's moove on.

Not until this topic has been thoroughly milked and put out to pasture.

Been ruminating on this one, but can't figure out anything to say.
I herd that these strings are bully!  Can't we farm out a team to look into this?

I just wanted to rib you guys a bit.  




George Wunderlich said:

I just wanted to rib you guys a bit.  



I use Nylguts.

Does that make me a vegetarian?

Nylgut,  I hate artificial  processed food!  Oh, wait, I mean strings.
Bully for bovine malapropisms!

I otter figure out if I'm all ferret


...sorry, I missed out on the earlier fun... I'll hang up and listen...

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