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Nothing to add - but what a great story! Thanks for putting that link up.
Y'all need to go revisit this link. This turns out to be one of the only banjos actually tied to a known minstrel (that I know of). It is enscribed to James Wambold, 1866. Very cool.

If anyone has further info on James Wambold, music attributed to him or written for him...that would be some cool data to add to the history of this banjo!
Great detective work. What a fascinating story! The only banjo I can think of at the moment that's definitely attributed to a performer is Fred Mather's banjo in the Smithsonian. Good job.

Rob Morrison.

P. S. The pot does look like it might be a little newer than the neck, but that's not unusual for banjos of that era. I've got two of them myself. Just my own opinion, but I feel these banjos should all be made playable if feasible. Collectors may differ on this, but there's certainly enough meat on the bones there to make a great playing banjo.

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