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I'm going post some cool techniques from the Converse  Analytical. On page 58, there is this overloooked section called "General Exercises, Banjo Style". This is a series of small licks and phrases that will help your technique. I think they were set up as a preface to the pieces which follow. At any rate, it is a good chance to try some stuff "ala carte" and get a feel for the way he uses Combinations and Hammer strokes....the TWO ESSENTIAL FOOD GROUPS of banjo playing. I'll start as soon as i get some fresh manuscript paper. I'll write them out by hand and throw a video up with it. Play any single one of them and YOU'LL GET BETTER!! 

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I want to get better!

Cool thanks Tim

Page 93?

 I am ready to see them, thanks Tim

I need to find a way to embed the tab into the video clip. I don't have that in the simple editor i have. Any tips? It shoulf be visible the whole time.

Tunes for those licks....# 1, try Raccoon Jig from Buckely 1860. Actually, if you look past the exercises in there, he has several Stroke tunes arranged. Many of them are revisited from early books, but the spin he puts on them now is quite illuminating. Try 'em.

Rich ! Rich ! Rich !

The treasures of Converse. Check out the "Long Combination"  #5. A most unusual way to play this series of descending notes. Unusual that is, until you apply the genius of this mode of thought. Simple, but mind blowing.

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