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 I don't know what it is, but nothing interests me like walkarounds,  something very infectious,   you?

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Steve--Yeah, me too.  My understanding of walkarounds is that they usually have 2 parts, the first where the performer struts his stuff in an ostentatious manner, and the second part wherein wild eccentric dancing occurs.  Many of these have very similar 2nd parts.  They're fun to play in a medley.--Rob

I'm not sure I understand the concept completely. I learned "Dixie's Land" from the piano score and there is this 3rd or 4th part, instrumental, that I also hear on Joe Ayers Dan Emmett recording. I figured this was the dance part but from what your saying Rob, maybe this is the wild dance part and there would also be dancing in the first parts with vocal accompaniment.

 I was thinking the TV show "Soul Train" had this dance form but actually it is the cakewalk.


 Is there anywhere that describes




reel,,,,,,, even when I dabbled in ITM I never really understood these terms.  It was always described over my head  say 6/8 ths and stuff,  etc

There is a complete chapter on Emmett and his Walk-Arounds in the Hans Nathan book. Anybody got it already, or is it a Google book? Anyway, it is chapter 15. I'll post an exerpt.

Steve--In the 19th century the term "jig" was a synonym for folk dance, irrespective of time signature.  Historically, cakewalks started during slavery and the couple judged to dance best won a prize.  There have been many different kinds of tunes and dances called "cakewalks."--Rob

Tim-Should I add this to my growing library of books and articles?

This book is a MUST HAVE...if you can find it reasonably.

I'll second the comments about the Nathan book.  If you are really interested in the history of some of this you may want to look at a number of the books we have in our resources area, there are really some outstanding books listed.  What is unique about the Nathan book is all of the music in the back of the book.  If you are curious about any of the other books listed feel free to contact me.  I own most, if not all of them.

Thank you for your recommendations. Today I've purchased three books and downloaded a number of articles from JSTOR. I will have to add these to the list.

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