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For enthusiasts of early banjo

Plenty of references to go by. There is the Levy Sheet music collection, the Ethiopian Glee Book, Briggs, Rice, and Buckley 1860 ( Joe Sweeney Jig ) as well as Weidlich and Fleshers tab.

Play and discuss at will.

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Al..let's play Jonny Boker tomorrow.


Thanks Tim and Strum.  How 'bout a minstrel version of "When I'm 64"?

Wow, I was a teenager when that was recorded.  Sixty-four seemed like another world!  My dad (now 98) was only 51!

Hey, 64 is the new ....60. ha ha

Happy Birthday, Al!

Thank you but, geez, it's not like I just hit 100. 

I got more birthday wishes on this site then from my own family!!  ;)

64.......that s pretty close to 100

O man, that's cold!....     =8-*

Ha ha...it's warm here in the 50's

Yes, Dan'l, I'd better get busy on that will of mine!

Tims, the Rice pull-offs rock on the Briggs arrangment of JOhnny Boker, many, many thanks!

Oh man, I'm glad. You will use this over and over....and over.

This is really one of the most versatile songs. Fast.....slow......vocal...instrumental.   It just holds up. So very simple in it;s construction.

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