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I got message with an inquiry about tab for Winner's 'Lotus Jig' - I had learned it straight from the notation myself but figured I'd take a stab at tabbing it out for anyone else who might be interested in it.  It's a simple little tune but quite catchy and rewarding.  I included diagrams for the banjo chord shapes, labeling them by scale tone number rather than name, since the actual chord depends on what tuning you're using:

Tuning I IV V
Briggs (dGDF#A) G C D
Rice (eAEG#B) A D E
Modern Open C (gCGBD) C F G

Anyway, here's the tab, with a PDF attached for good measure. If anyone spots any mistakes let me know:

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Thanks Andy- that's great of you to do!

My pleasure!  I haven't done much with Lilypond's support for tablature, and it was a good exercise - actually pretty easy if you're already comfortable with Lilypond.  The way Lilypond works, you enter the tune as you would for standard notation, and then use an instruction to display a tablature staff instead of a standard one.  I was able to create a custom string configuration (5 strings in the "Rice" tuning) and it rendered about 95% correctly right off the bat; the only thing I had to do was add explicit hints about the 5th string notes.  The rest was polishing with the chord diagrams and right hand hints.

thanks for sharing!

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