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Just installed my first banjo Goat Skin head on Sear Super tone banjo rim fitted with a Terry Bell Banjo neck...  Very beautiful Cherry check to match the Super Tone rim.... and them fiddle tuners... "TURN LIKE BUTTER"  as Terry Bell will say... 

Thank you Terry for all the help and tips...  Now all I need is one of them fine bridges and tail peaces  you make... HIT HIT! LOL!   

This has been a project that has been in the making for while... I talked with Terry on this back when I pick up my Bell banjo kit... and we have been working out details.  I can not wait to string the gal up... I going to be using / trying out the Aquila AB5R strings...these are the New set with the Red 4th string.  The plan are to get this girl set up for G, A, or C tuning.  We will see who they work out

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Right now...!  The banjo in on the wall hanging to allow the head to dry... Both of your Pug's are the of couch and or stand on their hind legs trying to climb the wall, barking and trying to get a sniff of the banjo head..  I'm guessing they are think that is one big Raw Hide!  Wife and I are ROTFL... at them. 

I used to have two pugs too, so I can just picture them!    :)

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