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Spammers are getting sneaky at coming in under the radar. We will be extra careful in admitting new members. If you get a suspcious message, report it right away. I think "princess" is gone.

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I got one too from Frank Kwabena  you could tell it was dangerous by the way he wanted me to reply through another channel after claiming to be a part of this site

There is a big increase lately on spammers attempting to join NING networks. 

On my network which has 3600 members, I have had to put into place quite a few safeguards to head off spammers, and because of that I only have about 1 spammer a year be accidentally approved for membership. They don't last long on an active network where members report them quickly, but even one can alarm members and be unpleasant.

Members will be glad to know that even if you get an email from a spammer on this network, that email is being delivered to you through NING's mailing system-  the spammer actually NEVER has access to see your email address or see your private profile info or settings.  Once that spammer has been kicked off the network, they will be unable to contact you anymore.  Any spammers that gain entry here are completely unable to get your email address or your private profile or settings information.

How do you "head them off"?


I use a lot of little tools- some to discourage them from even trying, some to identify them before approving them if I'm not sure, and some to keep them from doing much damage even if they are accidentally approved.  - I can go into it split into parts in PMs if you like- it's way too much to type out here in one shot.

Please share with John and I.

I sent a message to you and John with some initial info, should be in your INBOXES.

I too had a message from the esteemed Mr. Kwabena.  No doubt he was going to offer me a share of millions of dollars if I would only help him move it out of Nigeria.

I got one from this bugger Mr. Frank Kwabena. Seem to

recall this name from some years back, maybe it was here

on ning ? I am getting one spam a day at least in my regular

e mail address. I wish these spammers would take up the banjo,

to have something important to occupy them, instead of

bothering descent people.

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