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Hey, who is coming to the Early Banjo Blow Out in June??? I have registered, after missing it last year. Hoping for a good turnout! Anybody, at any level is welcome to this event. It turned my perspective upside down when I attended the first one  a few years back. If anything, you will know that you are not alone with this crazy hobby. Anybody need a link for the application?

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Elaine and I are coming.
John, you two are a staple fixture in "the barn".  
I'll be there!
CANADA??? Are you represented here??

I'll be there, and hopefully my young friend Kyle 'Cuffie' Pretzl will ride with me.


Post the registration link, Tim, I can't find it.


Anybody in contact with the Camptown Shakers?  It'd be great to have them boys back.

I have signed up and sent in my money.  I will bring along some funny old banjos, some funny old tunes, and some funny old clothes.  This is my one time all year to be among my own kind.  Lord, this is a lonely endeavor.  I think Lucas is probably the closest minstrel person to me and he's about a three hour drive away.  Before I attended this event last year, Dave Kirchner, Bob Flesher, George Wunderlich, and Marty Liebshner were the only other minstrel players I had ever come in contact with.  And that  occurred over a 16 year period.  Can't wait.

Rob Morrison

I am ashamed to admit that I will be MIA this year. Too many 'family' requirements happened early this year (a favorite niece's wedding in Baltimore this coming weekend, for instance) and I won't have the vacation time available to attend.

Y'all have fun!


Aw Marc, "say it ain't so"
I'm in. (I'd better sign up and send George some $$$ before the exchange rate goes down!)

I'll be there along with my friend Mike 'Scooter' Aldrich.  Our registrations and $$$ are in the mail.  Mike does not play any instruments but is a general enthusiast of mid-19th century U.S. history and culture and will nevertheless add color to the proceedings in his inimitable way.

I can't wait to meet you folks who I've only watched on youtube or crossed paths with here! 

I'm a newbee. I will be there. Bu I'm having trouble finding where to register. Any thoughts?

Contact Susan(she is a member on this site) to register.

Susan Rosenvold pryeducation@civilwarmed.org



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