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Pry Barn Polka (a new tune, dedicated to the old Antietam gang)

Some of us have been reminiscing fondly about the Antietam Early Banjo Gathering today on Facebook and Instagram; the last gathering was happening four years ago today.  I was reminded that I've had this little thing kicking around for a year or two at this point; my plan last year was to record a video of it and post it along with the sheet music, but I never got around to it.  I don't have it together enough to record it yet, but I wanted to at least share the music!

It's a basic AABB stroke style tune that definitely shares some DNA with 'Jim Crow Polka.'  Chords for accompaniment are included, and the attached PDF contains:

  • Standard notation for 2 banjo parts in "Rice" tuning (key of A major)
  • Standard notation for 2 banjo parts in modern C tuning (key of C major)
  • Notation + Tab for the 1st banjo part
  • Notation + Tab for the 2nd banjo part



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Thanks for sharing, Andy.  

MIDI files are also available now at https://archive.org/details/andy-chase-pry-barn-polka

Remembering the gathering fondly...   :)

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