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Just curious about the technique for playing the B part of Circus Jig.  Are those measures played as a slow, single finger brush down the strings or is there some other approach I might just not be seeing?  

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I tend to use a left hand pluck for the second note of that 'roll'.  Kinda lazy, but whatever works...

When I learned the tune this puzzled me, too. The arpeggio sign (not explained on page 8 of the book) indicates a brush.
In the second half of this bar two this sign is missing so maybe the f# should be played with a hammer-on.

If I understand you correctly... that sounds awkward to me.  But not sure I know where you mean exactly.

I always found circus jig a touch difficult till I started forcing my thumb to play the part as described. I used to play with a pull off but I generally play it as a brush now because I'm lazy haha

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