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Now out & Re-released on Cd! Joe Ayers' - Old Dan Tucker, Melodies of Dan Emmett 1843~1860

This is it folks! This is the record that influenced almost everyone who got into this genre in the 1990's and beyond. Originally released on tape in 1989, it has been out of print for far too long. Come and get it.


For the video taster - http://minstrelbanjo.ning.com/video/old-dan-tucker-5

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I just ordered. Thanks Mark!

Thanks Paul, I know you will like it.

I get an error page when I click on Check out, after adding it to my shopping cart:


Hmm. Maybe try again. I've had three other orders go thru this morning. Keep me posted.

Maybe it's my firewalls or something, who knows.  Still getting error- let me try on Safari....

OK it worked for me through Safari on my windows desktop.  Didn't work through Firefox.  I'm sure the issue is on my end somehow- browser settings or something.

Order has been placed!    :)


I'd order one but I have a copy from the earlier release.

Hi mark,

I just got an email saying my order has shipped.  But the email says delivery is by Royal Mail (England) and I am in Maryland!  Hopefully my cd doesnt end up in Wales.

Ha! Don't worry, I must have been tired and pressed the wrong button! You should have it in a few days.

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