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I just had a fellow place an order for a banjo kit and told me he wanted the new Nylguts, which are superior in sound to the present Nylguts and look like gut. He gave me an address for them . No response yet. Does anyone know about these?

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I heard a rumor that Nylguts were going to be a more natural color like ivory rather than their current dead white.

I can't figure out why they were dead white to begin with...  lol

New Nylgut are White  , the gut colors is just for "Early music string" .

I will try real gut strings !

Annoying!- What are they thinking?   Since when were real gut strings pure white anyway?

benoit said:

New Nylgut are White  , the gut colors is just for "Early music string" .

I just mounted a set of the "New Nylguts" on my CE Special. They look just like the old ones...frankly, I cannot tell any difference. I prefer the pure white...

The guts I had on it last year looked like clear nylon. If you didn't look at it very closely, you would have sworn I had a set of Chris Sands heavies on it.

Well go figure...all the gut strings I've ever had have had a golden or tan tint to them.  Where were your clear colored guts from?

Clifford Essex Music. @ £17 plus £3 shipping ($32.39), they're a tad dear for me. However, I plan to order some next time I place an order with CE.

If that was the Rob MacKillop set, they no longer sell them. I think they only bought in a few sets, and there wasn't much profit in them. It was a surprise to me that they put my name on them. Never asked them to. However, I thought they were good strings.

Rob , Where find the best gut string ( sheep ? ) 

Ah, Rob, I assumed the set would be the same sans endorsement. ;-) They were excellent and lasted for a very long time. Fortunately (for me), I cannot hear any difference between gut and nylgut. To me, gut has a different 'feel', less slippery under the picking fingers...but not so much that I can't live without it.

If it were less pricy...

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