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New member here. I recently purchased a Terry Bell banjo kit and got it assembled. I've been a student of Antebellum, Civil War, African American History for years. Got my education in that sector years ago. Was a Civil War Reenactor for about 13 years.

For music I've played guitar for about 5 years. I played banjo for a brief amount of time when I was 6-7. I was instructed in the Scruggs method. So at that age I could not get my right hand dexterity to work real well. So I got frustrated and that was the last of encouragement of playing music by the folks.

Guitar I seemed to always use some of the techniques of learned in banjo with hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides etc. Getting back to banjo almost 40 years later seems pretty intuitive so far.

Using the Boucher banjo I finally finished I am really enjoying fret-less. I don't read music and have always played by ear so for some reason fret-less it really grabbing me.

Anyway Hi to all and I am sure I will be asking quesitons as time goes on. Already got my eye on some other Banjos Yikes!

In the mean time here are some pics of my first Minstrel Banjo kit build.

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That's a great color you whipped up. BTW, Ryan, down the road from you is a member here.

Thanks. I actually thought it was much darker than it ended up (which I am glad it was not). I used Brown, Amber and Red water luthier dye that was recommended. Larger ratio portion going to the Brown and then Amber. The Amber shellac gives a nice hue. Thanks for the help.

Richard, what a great, velvety shade of brown.  Lush!

Thanks Strumelia. I really like building musical instruments. This was my second. It is quite addicting.

Strumelia said:

Richard, what a great, velvety shade of brown.  Lush!

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