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I was very fortunate to receive in today's mail. Tim's new book.  I did not realize that I was one of the first two to respond to his kind offer , until today. I am very happy to provide a review of my on-going experience with the book and CD.

I am new to the banjo. I've been trying to learn claw hammer style for just over 2 years.

I joined here about the same time I started that , but I've just been reading , listening , and wishing I could play the minstrel style.

I got side tracked for a while building some banjos , but that's a story for another time.

The main reason I've been hesitant about minstrel style is that I am a "Ground Zero" , Entry Level , Absolute beginner that does not read standard music notation. I needed a book that would be a link between the world of Standard Notation and Tab. I needed something to help me fit the tune before me on the page , on to my banjo and show me the relationship between the music notation or tab and the fingerboard of the banjo. Now I have that very thing. It's "Early Banjo" by Tim Twiss.  My first impression of the materials was the very high quality of the book. The fact that Mr. Twiss is a true lover of banjo comes through in the  quality of the book.

I'll get to work now and begin   with the book and I'll post regularly about how its going and my opinion of the book. As you can see I'm not an accomplished writer so bear that in mind as you follow this review.

Mr Twiss: Feel free to use my review in any way you see fit.

(waste basket or shredder might be best)


Thank Ya Kindly

Ronald D Hanes

Cushing , Okla.

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Wed. 1/23/13 Progress report.

     I am doing fairly well with the book. One thing I'm struggling with is the  movement called the "triple" A the bottom of the page of Rice Movements. (Note to Tim: page numbers would be helpful) The triple is going to take some practice.  I am enjoying the learning process. In another banjo world I was avoiding the "drop thumbing" technique because it was presented by players and instructors as something difficult and best avoided. But in this banjo world of Early Banjo, it is simply a part of the movements used to play the banjo. It is not intimidating in the least when it isn't presented as some esoteric thing.  I'm giving "Juba" a go and will keep things moving along.


Good Day to all

Ron H

Looking forward very much to your posts on this Ron.  I too have Tim's book now. (yes, triples are a bear!)

i just ordered mine today.  Really looking forward to it.  Kind of put the early banjo stuff on the back burner for a bit, as I was focusing on clawhammer and fiddle, but this might be a game changer. 

Well Sir I was doing that back burner thing too.

I look forward to becoming able to play this style.

I love telling Bluegrass players..."This Music was a couple of hundred years old

before bluegrass was even Born!

Now Clawhammer is a favorite of mine too!!



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