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How are Mark and Jaclyn and them holding up with this weather?? I hope everyone is safe and minimal damage done...i get the periphery winds and floods, plus a second round when it bounces back off the mountain...save the women and children first, then the banjos!!!! Lol

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Hope you folks down in hurricane country are managing OK. Let us know how you are getting along. Like to know our banjo buds are surviving.

It was an absolute non-event here just inland from Kitty Hawk.  We ended up having to water the tomato plants during the "height of the storm." Drove round trip to Raleigh yesterday to drop of my son and had a few sprinkles along the way, nothing more. Others, however, are getting hammered to the south of us so we have a little survivors guilt right now.  All gas cans full and nowhere to go - funny old world.

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