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...everyone!   I've been away for awhile and am looking forward to getting back to picking again.  I have been distracted by many things since last Summer, including the recently completed project shown here.  It was inspired by Mr. Twiss.  I just wish I knew what to do with it now.  It's good to be back!  


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Wow that's wild!   Is his foot on the brakes or the gas?   Reminds me of drawings from Mad Magazine and Sick Magazine back when i was a kid.  Rat Fink, dune buggy monsters...  ;D

Happy new year to you too Scott!

I've been both busy and distracted too.  Fitting in some music every other day or so... banjos and epinettes and penny whistles.  Plus work and the usual.  Catching up on major dental work...oh joy.

Made salmon and mashed potaters for dinner, then sewed some soft black fake fur all around the edges and collar of an old $20 coat from GoodWill this evening... now it's awesome looking and super warm.   :)

It's brutally cold here in NY, as anyone up on the news knows.  Been averaging below zero and 15F, lows and highs, for a week or so, another week at least it looks like much the same.  Tomorrow is a slight break with a high of 25F...that'll be balmy!

Happy New Year Scott, Strum! I have been distracted from my music as well recently. Had rotator cuff surgery on my left arm just before Christmas, follow up was today to get the stitches out and the doctor said I no longer need to wear the sling. Still can't reach up on the neck to fret notes, but hopefully after six months of PT I will be able to get back to pickin'. Sure do miss it. Maybe I can get back into my music gradually. Like Strum, I have other instruments (penny whistle, dulcimer, fiddle, etc) so I can ease back into it. Weather has been cold here as well, though nothing like the temps Strum has been dealing with. Strum, I hope your bees manage to make it through the winter. Take care and stay warm.

I've already lost 2 of my 5 hives, and it's very early in the Winter.   :(

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