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I can't quite see....the Converse may be the green one (open in foreground) or possibly the brown cover one...do not recognize it as the 1872.

Okay...the Converse title is "The Banjoist"

This may be a new tutor we did not know of?

They caught my eye the other day on one of my, now, rarer treks into eBay-land.  Hope if someone on here wins, they'll share :)

It is the brown hard cover book seen in the picture. Anybody have info on "The Banjoist?". Is this the 1892 book he put out, or the one around the Analytical eraly 1880.

Yeah...I have this listing in my sights. I always share!

Maybe folks could pool their money so that one of the Ningsters would surely win it, and then share with everyone who donates a few bucks to the site...or something...?

"The Banjoist" by Converse looks to be a good volume. No lightweight stuff.....I have seen a few pages of it and have been anxious to get my hands on it. Marc...I won't bid against you on this...even with powersnipe...ha ha. I'll assume that you will win. This one is a MUST HAVE for the community.

Fingers crossed...8 minutes to go...


GOT EM! ;-)

Excellent!  I love it when old precious things go to the best possible 'caretaker'.   :)


Can't wait to see that Converse Book. That one has been on my mind! 

So this is the Converse serialized book!  There will definitely be tunes we have have not seen.  Our universe just expanded a significant amount.  Thank goodness Mark got it and not someone who doesn't share the knowledge (and they are out there.)

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