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That's a lot of strings!

Click on Me Like for the link for more info...


That seven string banjo has been for sale at the same website since at least some time around 2006 or so, maybe longer.  The one with the metal fingerboard has been there at least a couple of years.  They don't exactly fly off the shelves.  I have no idea why.  Maybe they are cursed.--Rob Morrison.

Maybe it's because for the first one they want $9,500???


I think you've got something there.--Rob

oooh i love these...  pretty pricey! are they mega rare?

No, I think  Guitar Center sells these models.

In my opinion, they don't fly off the shelf because...they are useless?  Whatcha gonna do with all those extra strings?  


I believe this banjo was made sometime during the high Victorian era when "wretched excess" was both expected and demanded in all things decorative and esthetic.  So naturally an absurd number of strings and an exhorbitant price tag are totally approriate. That being said...Cool banjo!--Rob Morrison 

If I ever go back to New York City, Musurgia looks like it would be nice store to browse around in, they have everything (even a Bell & Son banjo).

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