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At the Banjo Hangout, the winner of the October Banjo Challenge gets one of my Curly Maple Boucher banjos as first prize.

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I saw that Terry.  Cool!  I might enter, what the hell, they could use a few women entries.   ;D

(Contest is in clawhammer style, has to be in G modal tuning- gDGCD)

Hey Early Banjo Heads (lol)- a reminder-

Voting is now open in this BHO contest.  if you're a BHO member be sure to vote for all your favorite videos before voting closes on Nov 15th!: http://www.banjohangout.org/events/contest-videos.asp?id=5&vide...

You can vote on as many or as few videos there as you see fit.  Yep I did enter the contest, but I'm not asking for votes- just that you go and vote for whatever entries you like best!  Personally, I voted for my 7 favorites.

Kudos for Terry for donating a terrific Bell BANJO for one of the prizes!  Whoa baby!    ;D

I haven't voted yet, but I have listened to all the entries, some of them a few times. I also thought about entering, but it would have been 2 finger style, or a mix of clawhammer/2 finger. Just to busy to focus on it the last couple of months. Maybe another time.

Strumelia... Just got a 5 star vote... 

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