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Old Joe, a banjo tune from Thomas Briggs' banjo tutor book of 1855. Here played in minstrel 'high bass tuning' in the key of D...tune your minstrel banjo to d-ADF#A. (You can also play this in regular Briggs 'low bass' tuning if you simply avoid hitting the bass string, since the tune as written does not utilize the bass string) This is one of the easiest tunes to learn in stroke style/minstrel style banjo, and most of the moves will be familiar to clawhammer players already. But it's a satisfying tune or song for any level of minstrel banjo player.

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Let's see some other members' versions of Old Joe.... don't be afraid to post yours even if you are just beginning minstrel style!    :)

Anything happening with Tune of the Month ?

I hadn't been playing the minstrel much and hadn't been here for a while.

This is the latest post I find.  Am I missing something?


No, not missing, just been real busy.  I'll do another "Beginner Tune of the Month" as time allows. Others can certainly contribute one as well if they like... but I'm assuming/hoping that if someone adds it in this category it'll be easy to play for beginners.  ;)

Also- Tim's been doing a Tab of the Week, of various playing levels- you might want to look into that!    :)

Right!  thanks..   I get lost navigating around this site sometimes. I'll check out Tim's tune o' the month.

Haven't been here for a while and am slowly getting back.  My left thumb has had problems in the past and its flared up again.  I'll have surgery in the Fall but took the cortisone shot in the meantime.  :o/

Greetings from the UK

In appreciation of Strumelia's efforts at encouraging beginners, here is my fingerstyle version of Old Joe played on my starter banjo that I have recently put some minstrel strings on. 



Nice finger pickin' Eric.


Tom Taggart said:

Nice finger pickin' Eric.

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