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Here is the latest progress.  

Basic tools

files and rasps.   Most of these have hand cut teeth for a smoother finish when using an aggressive cut.  These are worth the investment. 

Close up of hand cut teeth

 First rough out of headstock

Finished headstock- my arms are killing me! 

Neck including chanterelle (also perforated) 

Just a question, is this still of interest?  Do you want different types of images?  Just let me know. 

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George, love reading along with you. Please keep it up.

I'm lovin' this so far George.  As a newbie and fan of understanding the craft behind things I use, what you're providing is right down my alley!  Can't think of any image in particular that I want to see at the moment.  Thanks!

looks great! can't wait to see this and some of your other Wunderful creations at AEBG V!

Absolutely of interest, George - the tools you're using, shots of the work in progress, anything you want to share is most appreciated by me (and I think everyone else following this thread!)

To see you using the old style tools and doing such beautiful work is very interesting to me. Ready for installment 4


I am going to profile the neck tonight, add a dowel stick and start the carving on Tuesday.  I will likely post more then.  Next up is to start the pot.  

You are a master...I'm envious, but proud to own one of yours!

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