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Has the Sweeney Convergence replaced the AEBG? I have been inactive for a while and see the new event posted.

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I don't know if 'replaced' is quite the right word, I don't think there was any organized transfer of priority so to speak.  It was more a matter of Appomattox waxing and AEBG waning.  Simple as that I reckon.  


I believe that Jake Wynn, who replaced George Wunderlich as the director at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine (which oversees the Pry House, where AEBG was held) had said at one point that they were looking into resurrecting the Antietam gathering in some form, but I haven't heard anything on that front for quite a while now.  I think there was a more general open jam session held one day last summer.

(I dearly miss that barn and all the folks in it; June just doesn't feel right without a trip down to Maryland.)

Well, wouldn't that be some good news. Yes

Yes, Andy, I agree.  I'm still having withdrawal symptoms.

Thanks, I'll keep watching for updates. It sounded like fun, though I never did get there.

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