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Anyone have one for "Dandy Jim"? Such a great melody....hard to find any way to do it however? I know 2nd South Car does it, but I can't really understand all the lyrics.

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I'm not sure I attached this right but here's my first attempt.



I love parodies, finding them, singing them, and writing them. I guess I'm a wanna be song writer but don't have the creativity to write an original melody.

That's one I hadn't seen Al.

I do Dandy Jim a lot with the band, "best looking fellow in the county-o" and find most of the song to be just a comic love song, a rom-com so to speak. I usually omit a verse or two but still get the story told.

Yea, I guess so. Such a nice melody. Do you say "mama" there?


Okay...what word do you say? Master?

Sorry Tim, didn't mean to be cryptic. I say mammy. For some reason I honestly don't feel bad about using that word in that song, though like I said I edit many others, it may have something to do with my mom being from Atlanta and probably hearing her talk fondly of her caretaker so many times that its lost anything negative to me, but that's the excuse a lot of folks use for all sorts of problem words.

np..thanks Dave. I start with mammy sometimes, turns into mama.

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