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Hey everyone, I am getting excited as I prepare to launch a new website. As most of you know, I dismantled the Banjo Clubhouse a while ago. It was piggybacked on my business site, and I revamped it totally  (the business site).  The new banjo site is a bit leaner, but has some good things. It is content oriented, and will include the tutors again....Buckley, Rice, etc. Also, and very exciting to me, is the audio download section. I will have a "music store" where you can download MP3 files for a small fee. I have my Grape Vine Twist up there, and will start all over with fresh new recordings from the tutors....starting with Briggs', You will be able to buy them one at a time, or bulked together. I will supply a discount code for Ning members. Instead of recording and releasing another CD, all the material will be available for ala carte downloads. My Youtube stuff is okay, but I want to raise the quality on these recordings, using my studio equipment and not the default microphone on the camcorder. 
Stay tuned!!   

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Tim..god bless ya for doing all this. Banjoclubhouse was what helped me get rolling in all this, I would be glad to donate some $$ on occasion for your time and effort. 

 Alright!!!  I can vouch for the CD" Grapevine Twist" a studio recording, sounding much richer, and giving the whole palette of tones, compared to the youtube,  which in comparison is in black and white.


Looking forward to it!

I have both of TIm's collections on mp3 and both are definitely worth acquiring.

It does appear that the age of the CD is rapidly coming to a close... I even heard from a local music store that some of the largest labels are quitting the CD business altogether this year... cylinders, 78s, LPs, cassettes, 8-tracks and now CDs have spun their final spin... but LPs seem to have made a strange comeback... hmm...

I think it is important for the travelling guy to sell his wares at gigs.

For this situation, ala carte is perfect. The wil be SO MUCH material coming. I intend to go through all the books again methodically. Each tune two or three repetitions. If I put the whole Briggs' Book up, somebody might want just 5 or 6 of them. Surely worth the 50 cents it will cost.

Some will be dressed up and fancy....like on Grape Vine Twist, but for the most part...straight ahead, clean interpretations.    

That came out funny....I meant that CD's are good to sell at a gig.

Ala carte is good for a million short banjo songs... ha ha.

Tim Twiss said:

Ala carte is good for a million short banjo songs... ha ha.

Kinda like Dim Sum.... mmm!   :)

I'm getting all the books back in. So far.....



Buckley 1868

Converse "Yellow"

Converse Analytical

Winners 1872

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