Minstrel Banjo

For enthusiasts of early banjo

I have 5 left, and will let them go for $10.00 each, shipping included. Merry Christmas.

Best beginner repertoire under one cover.


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I notice that "Few Days" seems to have evolved into today's children's song "The Old Grey Mare just Ain't What She Used To Be, Many Long Years Ago"

Trying again to get the pdf's up!  Maybe one at a time.
Christopher Stetson said:

Hi, Dan'l and all. 

Here it is, Winner's New Primer, in 3 sections:  1. Music rudiments, 2. guitar solos, and 3. song settings.  I'll be interested if there are congruencies with the banjo book, as that seems to have been Septimus' M.O.

Happy New Year to all.
Christopher Stetson said:

HI, Dan'l.

I'll take a look tonight if I can get past my son and his new game controller...


So, the files are too big for me to post.  If you message me with an email address, I'll be happy to send them along.  Dan'l, you should have a friend request waiting so I can message you.

A happy and prosperous 2015 to all.

I would love to see it. I have Converse, Howe...but have never seen the Winner's guitar.

Please send to milfordmusic@comcast.net



Strum.  I don't hear "Old Grey Mare..." in "Few Days".  I hear "Old Grey Mare" in "Down in Alabama", however.

Thanks for sending that. ( the Winner's Guitar ). It actually looks quite good, and I will be trying many of the pieces. I love polkas on the guitar.

You're welcome.  I have to admit I haven't really looked at it.  I got it as essentially loose sheets on ebay, scanned it immediately, and sort of forgot about it.  I'm looking forward to receiving your book.

PS:  I'm a mazurka fan myself.

I got mine on Friday, just had a chance to take a look today (ah, family life).  Nice!  Haven't picked any favorites yet, but I will!  I also enjoyed Tim's "Grape Vine Twist" CD.  Well done!  Thanks so much, Tim!

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