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Doing a folk life fest this Saturday.   and Ill be honest , Id like  to get some tips, its a 1/1/2 hr drive each way,  just something to cover some of my expenses.    Have yall ever been successful is getting tips and how did you approach it.     I know my limited exp. will hold me back, but I want to do what I can,

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It's all the clothes man.

 got them, I made a "cravat" well most of it.. my wife took over about 3/4 in, when I tried to turn it inside out and it looked like a hair scrunchie.LOL

Steve--I sell CD's for a little cash, but I've been known to play in public for $$.  Just open your case, or a hat or whatever, and be sure to begin with "decoy"  money, a few bills thrown in, to attact other stray bills.--Rob

Good luck Steve!  I find that when there are small children in attendance, people tend to put in more money.  (The little kids are thrilled to drop their parents' dollars into the case...)  Seems to be the case anyway at the local Diner and Farmers Market where I play...

Oh yea...that is a good tip. Keep a jaw bone handy. Let a kid play it.

ZING....Attention! Success! Joy!

Right. I forgot to add -- there's nothing better than to have little kids dancing around while you play!

I don't know if this has anything to do with it but instead of a hat, or opened instrument case, we have this distinctive brass bucket (about 2 gallon size). No "tips" sign or anything, its just right out in front. After playing an afternoon we usually split it up and I am frequently amazed at how much its soaked up. Definite on the kids. If mom or dad gives junior a dollar to put in the bucket you can bet every other kid there will be tugging on a parents sleeve. Always acknowledge a tip with a thanks or nod if you are in the middle of belting out a song. When we're setting up I often start to object about putting the bucket out if the host is paying us well ( a relative term) but usually get over-ruled and we've never had anyone voice a concern. Good luck with the event. Dave

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