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Hi Friends,

I would like a copy of the piano sheet music for the song "De Ole Jaw Bone."  This is the cover - I need the rest of the pages.  Thanks!  Tom

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Thank you Tim!  I searched there (Levy sheet music) and tried various spellings. I could not find it!  But obviously it is there!  Thank you for the link!  You are a fine gentleman and friend!  Tom

Tom, your reply perfectly answers a question I was tempted to ask........Has the Levy Collection fixed their search abilities, yet??  Evidently not.  I've had the same difficulties with this site.  Potentially a great site but unfortunately only as good as the search engine it employs.  Thus, it's only a fraction as good as it could be.

I found it pretty easy

But Tim, I've mentioned this to you a couple years ago and you said, you have found it difficult as well, at times.

Maybe you found this one easily.  If so, maybe there is some intermittent problem.

I have noticed that the site changes a lot.

Today it was easy

That's why I wondered if, with visual changes, anything had been done with the ease or accuracy of searching.

That's also why, when Tom said, "I searched.......and tried various spellings, I could not find it but obviously it is there!", it sounded exactly like some of my past experiences.

Typically...librarians have difficulty there.


I was shocked that Tim went straight to it. I had the title, the exact spelling and upper and lower cases exactly the same, and it did NOT find it!  Irritating and frustrating. 

I rarely find what I am looking for there on the first search.  My best success is not typing in the whole title but one or two relevant words.

Yes, what John said. Just a few revelant words

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