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 when I try to start a chat with somebody , I cant type nothing in.  I figured , people were ignoring me,, but a couple I know don't ignore me , don't work either.  I hope that's the problem.  Is there something I need to allow on my computer to fix this? Everytime the IT guy comes down and works on my computer he changes something, that to him would be no big deal to fix, but Im puzzled,,,,, or am I just being ignored :)

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Steve, if you are able, go to where you can see/manage your browser plug-ins.  There should be an option somewhere to check to see whether your internet plugins are up to date- plugins like Java or Flash etc.  Having outdated or disabled browser plugins may well prevent you from using a chat program.  That's one logical thing to try first, I'd say.  Also, try your chat function on a different computer just to be sure it's something to do with your particular computer setup.

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