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  • Black Bird Jig

    Black Bird Jig

    Another song that is found in the Buckley Violin Book of 1855, as well as in the Buckley Banjo Book… Tim Twiss Mar 17, 2009 53 views

  • Wild Raccoon Track

    Wild Raccoon Track

    This is the first run through of my arrangement. Thanks for your patience as I clog up the site wit… Tim Twiss Mar 15, 2009 67 views

  • Temperance Reel.

    Temperance Reel.

    Friday is here, and here's my version of Temperance Reel. I didn't play a straight up version of t… Tags: booze, No Carl Anderton Feb 27, 2009 100 views

  • My Gourd Banjo

    My Gourd Banjo

    This is a short video showing my gourd banjo in its various stages of construction, accompanied by… Tim Twiss Feb 23, 2009 158 views

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