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  • Twisted Trio

    Twisted Trio

    This is a trio of tunes from different sources that came together because of their unusual melodic… Tim Twiss Jun 10, 2009 45 views

  • The Pea-Patch Jig

    The Pea-Patch Jig

    Okay, here is a funky one from Buckley 1860. My wife is tapping along with something or other. We h… Tim Twiss Jun 7, 2009 110 views

  • Briggs' Medley

    Briggs' Medley

    Breakdown, Reel, and Jig. Tim Twiss Jun 2, 2009 116 views

  • Budworth Jig

    Budworth Jig

    Hey, here is one from the Buckley 1868. It is kind of like "Union Jig". (same page even). It's one… Tim Twiss May 29, 2009 63 views

  • Ole Pee Dee

    Ole Pee Dee

    The Minstrel from 1854 by J.P. Carter of The Virginia Serenaders and found in the Emmett manuscript. Tim Twiss May 28, 2009 98 views

  • Eelam Moore

    Eelam Moore

    This one, dated 1854, is from the Hans Nathan book and part of the Dan Emmett manuscript. I put the… Tim Twiss May 28, 2009 67 views

  • Saratoga - Reel

    Saratoga - Reel

    From Ryan's Mammoth. Literally, the first page I opened up this morning....almost every page has a… Tim Twiss May 23, 2009 39 views

  • Harriman's Quickstep

    Harriman's Quickstep

    This piece comes from the Converse Analytical and is part of "March Medley". This is obviously a st… Tim Twiss May 21, 2009 72 views

  • Foster's Jig

    Foster's Jig

    A little more from Converse 1865. Tim Twiss May 11, 2009 65 views

  • Antipat Jig

    Antipat Jig

    One of the Irish sounding tunes from the Green 1865 Converse Book. I never did this one before, and… Tim Twiss May 9, 2009 56 views

  • Matt Peel's Walk Around

    Matt Peel's Walk Around

    One from the Green Converse Book of 1865. Looking at this one again makes me think I did it wrong a… Tim Twiss May 9, 2009 46 views

  • Chuckle Jig

    Chuckle Jig

    An overlooked tune from Buckley 1860. It has the similar opening theme of "Tycoon Jig". Tim Twiss May 9, 2009 36 views


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