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I have been playing clawhammer style for about a year after many years of renovation and building string instruments. I have just completed a gourd tackon banjo and am moving into a Boucher style minstrel banjo. In terms of playing I am very interested in learning stroke style. I have Weidlich's Converse book and would like to broaden into examples of Briggs as well. I am aware of Bob Fleshers "Minstrel Banjo-Stroke Style" and Wiedlich's "Early Minstrel Banjo-Technique and Repertoire" and was wondering which way to go if choosing one. Any suggestions please.

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I got both the intro book and the main book.  If you are already playing clawhammer, I don't think the intro book would be a good investment. 


You can also get the Briggs book in tablature. 


Thanks for that info John. All grist to the mill.

Bumping this older thread to add that I just ordered the $30 book & CD with 60 tabs from Bob Flesher, ordered directly by phone with my credit card, from his site:  http://www.drhorsehair.com/bookbag.html

Not sure why I waited so long, but it'll be fun to get it in the mail in a few days and peruse through!   :)

Help support those who go to the trouble of making books, tabs, and CDs for us all...buy their stuff from them!

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