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Ok, so I'd love to know what techniques and what tunes people came away with and are working on now at home -after coming back from Antietam-  do share!

Tell us about any withdrawal or residual effects too...

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I'd love to see a video of that John.   :)

John Masciale said:

Working on the clock chimes.  We've got an 1863 agricultural fair coming up this weekend and it would be perfect for the fair. 

The harmony part to Puff The Magic Dragon to sing with the song's author Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary fame. I mean, c'mon, you can't play banjo all the time right? From Traditional Song Week at the Swannanoa Gathering in N.C. where lot's of fun was had this past week.

Mark that's stupendous!

Andy, I would think working with that Barbershop harmony group would develop skills that would spill over into all your music pursuits.  Go for it!  

I went to an oldtime music camping/gathering this weekend in MA, and ran into Barbara Mullin again (hi Barbara!)-  we've become banjo buddies through BlackCreek, Antietam, and now Harry Smith gathering.   Unfortunately I wasn't there long enough to do much playing at all, but Barbara and I did actually manage to play just two minstrel tunes together before I ran off to a contra dance-  and one of those tunes was Boston Jig, which she plays better than I can yet.  That was a tune Barbara shared with me that was being handed out at Antietam (by whom?).  I had assumed from its title that it would be a total Irish-y tune and therefore I had just put it in my pile.  But Barabara turned me onto it at antietam and I really like playing it. Trying to get Brian to fiddle on it with me.  I'm still stumbling on it but it's fun to practice, so that's half the battle.    :)

Brian and I are working on Boston Jig and Grapevine Twist now, got those two at least added into our practice list regularly.  Just gotta smooth them out so I don't flub up so often, and Brian is starting to figure out some nice fiddlish things to go with them.

.Trying to get together with a friend learning fiddle to play Old Dan Tucker and maybe Boston Jig..?..
I'm enjoying running through the tabbed tunes in Tim's spiral book, with varying degrees of success....depending on the alignment of the stars?? :-) ...practicing the 'thumb' tunes and the tricky first string pull off in the tune I can't remember the name of. Had a lesson with Paul Draper last week and learned Circus jig and Hornpipe..... something or other..... fun tunes...! I'm always up for a slow jam ...

Hi, All: Is anyone near Delaware? I see several members have gotten together to practice music from Antietam gathering. I have invited Wes to bring his banjo, when he visits Ft Delaware. I hope to play Briggs Corn Shuckin Jig with him. The next piece I will tackle is Jim Along Josey or Boston Jig...  It is good to see what everyone is working on.

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