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Tutor for the Banjo Selected Arranged and Composed by Otto Langey

I posted this on the classic banjo site but thought it might also be of interest to people here.

I got a "new" A notation "Tutor" recently and was able to scan it this weekend to share with the world.


This is one that I have not seen before. It is completely different than the Langey-Fischer Tutor (issued in various formats and titles into the 1950s-- that one, BTW, is one of my favorite "reading" books in A notation, I wish that there had been similar books issued in C notation).

This one, from 1891, includes both fingerstyle and stroke style instruction.  I have not had a chance to read through carefully it but I think I see instruction for alternate fingering.  1891 is pretty early for that to show up in a book.

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Thanks, Joel. 

You are welcome Paul!  Check out starting on page 64 there are a bunch of Frank Converse pieces including stroke style.

Wow, what a lovely front cover! Look forward to digging in in the near future

If anyone likes that great tune Leaning on the Garden Gate, you will enjoy The Royal Schottische. 

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